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Everything you can imagine becomes true when wou work with professionals.


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Don't have enough time for making tracks? Get ready-to-release tracks and albums.

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Ghostspecter is a big project, which help you to reach the goal in musical production. Add a task, get a producer and create wonderful things together.

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Many Professional Producers

Many producers are ready to help you with creating tracks. New tracks are being released always ... every day ... even now. It's your turn.


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Everything you need is to make a track. The easiest way for reaching that goal is:

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Create A Task

Write some information about your track. Add price, which you want to pay.

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Add Previews

If you have some previews of your track - it's wonderfull. It'll help to producer understand you.

Step 3

Choose Producer

Choose one of the responded producers. You will work with him.

Step 4

Get A Track!

After work you will get a sterling track, which you could release on a label.